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General Description: The Appalachian School of Law’s Summer Externship Program is exclusively for first-year law students. Beginning midway through their fall semester and throughout their entire spring semester, students attend 16 hours of classes to prepare them for site placements.
Credits: Three
Students Enrolled: All first years
Supervision: Externship Director; Faculty Supervisor, with possible selection of other individuals as needed; and a Site Placement Supervisor.
Number of Sites: To date, over 500 sites have been utilized. Additionally, students have the flexibility to secure sites not previously utilized.
Site Limitations: Compliance with ASL’s minimum requirements for site placements, as well as ABA Standard 305 and U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheet #71 (April 2010).
Coursework: Full Spring Semester of classes.
Prerequisites: Compliance with externship placement procedures; Completion of First-Year Curriculum in good academic standing.
Placement Hours: 200 Hours
Other Requirements: Minimum 5 Journals; Weekly Time Sheets; Substantial Writing; and a Debriefing with the Faculty Supervisor.
Grade: A letter grade is given for this course in the fall semester of each student’s second year as part of the student’s cumulative grade average consistent with ASL Academic Standard IX (A)(4) and IX (C)(1).

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