BLSA Hosts Week of Events

The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) at Appalachian School of Law celebrated Black History Month this February by hosting a week of events.  One of the most active groups on campus, BLSA hosted Black History Trivia Night, a screening of Michael B. Jordan’s legal drama “Just Mercy” at the Grundy Community Center, and a formal dinner and dance party. 

BLSA also organized a panel discussion among diverse legal professionals including ASL Professor Christopher Young, Georgia District Attorney Cedric James, and North Carolina Magistrate Judge Thomas Taylor.  Students were given the opportunity to ask questions about myriad topics such as the transition from law school to law practice and the proper response to “imposter syndrome.”  During the presentation, these distinguished guests shared stories of how their families and communities encouraged them to pursue their dreams of practicing law.  In a sage manner, they reminded the law students just how important it is to acknowledge and draw strength from such support.

Perhaps the most impactful event of the week was the trip to nearby Mountain Mission School where BLSA members shared their passion for studying law with high-school students.  Hoping to encourage these younger students, BLSA members offered to serve as mentors to the students going on to higher education and those considering a future in law.

BLSA President Dionna Marcus said, “It was an exciting and rewarding week and part of a wonderful celebration of Black History!  Just a week before, Justice Cleo E. Powell and Retired Justice John Charles Thomas visited ASL — the first Black man and woman to serve as Justices on the Supreme Court of Virginia.”  BLSA Secretary and Treasurer-elect Summer Taylor had similar fond memories of their visit.  “At a law school like ASL, you can literally go hug them, as I did, and you can ask them any question at almost any time.”  “You just can’t say that,” she added, “about most other law school communities.”
BLSA leaders expressed their gratitude to Dean Faulkner, Dean Western, Professor Scott, and the entire ASL community for their support of and participation in another successful BLSA Week. 


Posted March 21st 2023 Posted by Mark Kelsey