ASL’s New Look for a New Kind of Law School

ASL is rethinking the law school experience. While preserving the deep traditions of the legal academy, ASL is creating a student-centric approach to studying law that focuses on experiential learning and a holistic understanding of our legal system. This new approach embraces the honored past while pressing forward into an innovative future.

Our new logo reflects this vision.  The outside shield symbolizes the duty of lawyers to protect the weak and defend the vulnerable.  The mountains remind us that justice is an ancient and abiding human aspiration.  The iconic spire reorients our gaze to the high value of learning.  Both green, representing new growth, and gray, symbolizing virtuous tradition, are harmonized — the future with the past — in the iconic ASL spire.

A new look.  A new kind of law school.

The new logo is the product of months of collaboration between ASL staff designers at Winnow Creative based in Raleigh, North Carolina. “Based on input and feedback from faculty, staff, students and alumni,” said the Winnow team, “the updated ASL logo creates a cohesive balance of both historical and contemporary features in its design. The new logo presents a tangible connection with the law school’s physical setting with an eye toward its strength in the community and as an institution.”

“The simplicity and elegance of the design” Winnow continues, “help emphasize the ‘place,’ or setting, of the ASL experience — one of the key pillars and strengths of the ASL brand — while also speaking to the intimacy of ASL’s personalized education.”

Keep an eye out for ASL’s updated style in upcoming events, releases, marketing materials, and our evolving digital spaces.

Posted March 1st 2022 Posted by